Unhealthy End of 2010

There was supposed to be another year 2010 review post. But that was before my shoulder pain got worse and made typing difficult. Or restricted typing for long strech of time to the hours when I was so full of pain meds, that my brain got kind of woozy, which made thinking (and remembering stuff from 2010) rather difficult. The pain got worse of the last few days, maybe because I didn’t manage to rest the arm completely. Stupid me thought that my GP practice was closed between christmas and New Year, but it wasn’t as my mom told me yesterday.
So I went to my GP, told her my tale of woe and asked her opinion about the various treatment options. And most of all asked for stronger pain meds, which she willingly subscribed. It was a hassle to get it from the pharmacy on that evening, but I mananged to, because I really wanted to have them for the night. Unfortunately I still woke up with a painful shoulder in the middle of the night and took some ibuprofen again, but all in all I got more sleep. And the new pain meds are subdueing the pain quite good for a 3-4 hour strech during the day. I can’t and don’t want to take too much of it and are taking ibuprofen in between as well. Which I’m supposed to take anyway for the anti-flammatory effect of it. The new pain meds are basically just helping to shut down the pain receptors in my brain. Like my GP said from her own experience with these meds: “You will know that the pain is still there somehwwere, but you just won’t care”. ;-) But it is making the brain rather foggy. It’s an opiode after all.
The first thing I’ll do on Monday, which I luckily still got off from work: Go to the orthopedic surgeon’s “acute pain consultation hour” in the morning and see what he can do for me. What a wonderful way to start a new year. Not! Ugh, I really hate that my vacation wasn’t the relaxing and easy going vacation I planned it to be.

I’m not the only one in my family with an orthopedic problem at the moment though. On Wednesday night Bro3 slipped on an ice patch on the sidewalk on his way back home from the pub. He broke his left ankle in three different parts and the tendons were also torn. The surgeons had to put in six nails to fix the ankle. Ouch! He will be released from hospital on Monday probably and to all our surprise doesn’t even get a cast. He just isn’t allow to put any weight on the foot for… well a few weeks.
I have no idea how much changes will be done around the house which he shares with my mom. His bedroom (with TV and such) is under the roof, two flight of stairs up. I’m not sure if he really wants to climb that on crutches several times a day. This must really suck for him in the next couple of weeks. Plus he has never ever not celebrated New Year’s Eve with his friends in a pub or at a private party in the last 20 years.Today he’s stuck in a hospital bed. And there is just crap on TV on New Year’s Eve! I’m staying home as well because of my shoulder and all the meds I’m taking an the TV programme is annoying as hell. I’m so grateful for my collection of DVDs tonight…

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