Being Rather Unproductive

My shoulder is doing much better and I slept – back in my bed !! – more than ok for the first night in over a week, but all day long I’ve felt really dizzy most of the time. Maybe it’s still the strange cold I’ve got or some side effects from the pain meds I took over the last few days (not today yet, yay!) or just the stupid change of weather. I don’t mind the change of weather, because the rain will most probably wash away all the dirty and messy and not anymore nice to look at snow around here. I still feel weird.

The last 20 days, which I stayed home (christmas vacation and now sick leave) were so so unproductive. Mostly because I really didn’t feel well enough to *do* anything in in the last week my shoulder didn’t really let me do a lot anyway. I still feel slightly guilty, that I haven’t even got started with all those things I had planned to do, which didn’t necessarily require a working shoulder. Reading study material for my Master’s degree. Finally start working on my vacation photobooks (I’m a couple of years behind on those). These kind of things. Instead I spend my time watching TV series or movies on DVD to catch up with old and new shows. Some might call that productive as well. I’m not sure if I really should call it that though *sigh*

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  1. Hope says:

    If hanging out makes you feel relaxed and happy, I’d say that’s something accomplished!

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