Lazy Weekend…

I’m going back to work tomorrow after three weeks off (two on vacation, one on sick leave). I’m dreading the office, but I guess that’s only natural after three weeks without it :-) I had so many plans for my vacation and instead of following through with those I was sleep deprived and drugged up with painkillers for most of the time. I did manage to catch up with two seasons of Parenthood and 11 movies of the Inspector Lynley Mysteries series. I guess that is an accomplishment of its own, even though some people probably might disagree ;-) But I also did manage to check off one of the major items on my “to do during vacation” list today: Putting up framed photos (30x40cm) from various vacation on my kitchen wall. I’ll post a photo tomorrow or later this week. (I did take a picture of the wall, but because of the artificial light it turned out crappy).

I completed the first full week of the Project365. Not the most inspirational shots yet, but I’m working on it. That all what this project is about after all, right?

Project365, Week 02: Cold

Photo 6
Week 02 - Cold 6
I actually wanted to capture more of the raindrops and puddles, but that didn’t quite work out…

Photo 7
Week 02 - Cold 7
The original idea was to capture the barren trees in the winter, but then there was a sunset tinted sky and the moon, so… :-)

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