Project365, Week 03: Breakfast

“Breakfast” sounds like an easy to shot theme at first, but if you don’t want to take a picture of the same old breakfast you’re having each morning it all of a sudden becomes a bit more difficult :-)

Photo 1 – Monday
Close up of my 2nd breakfast at the office

Week 03 - Breakfast 1

Photo 2 – Tuesday
The new special breakfast offer at Starbucks. I actually tried to crop this photo to zoom in on the breakfast banner, but I didn’t manage to create a decent result. so I’ve kept the original. I took this photo inside the train station in the morning with a lot of people around, and I felt a bit uncomfortable taking a photo in this crowded space. Otherwise I maybe would have focused on the breakfast banner in the first place.

Week 03 - Breakfast 2

Photo 3 – Wednesday
Leftover crumbs from yummy multigrain-rolls for breakfast

Week 03 - Breakfast 3

Photo 4 – Thursday
I was in a hurry that morning so I left my flat without coffee and grabbed on at the train station. I felt uncomfortable (again) of taking a photo of the lid or the cup or anything on the train, so I took this photo at home in the evening. I actually had planned to work on it, like color the word “HOT”, but I still haven’t figured out to make such a detailed selection with my photo software GIMP (or the simpler PhotoFiltre). So I only got this boring photo for

Week 03 - Breakfast 4

Photo 5 – Friday
I just recently rediscovered the wonderful “My Muesli” company. They not only allow you to create your very personal and unique muesli, hence the company’s name. They also do not use the ordinary rectangle cardbord boxes, but stylish cardbord cylindric boxes. I guess, I have to come up with better lighting in my kitchen when I plan to take some more indoor photos there in the future. I’m not really happy with the lighting in this one…

Week 03 - Breakfast 5

Photo 6 – Saturday
My “Chocoloco” muesli. This photo probably took the most work so far. The lighting in my kitchen again :-( I had some problems putting up the tripod and avoiding all kinds of reflection in the bowl. I couldn’t avoid the shadow of the milk carton on the muesli.

Week 03 - Breakfast 6

Photo 7 – Sunday
Once again I was in hurry this morning, so there only was time for a cup of coffee and some bread and cheese…

Week 03 - Breakfast 7


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