Two More Photos…

Starting from next week I’ll be posting the Project365 in one batch on every Sunday after all. And I definitely have to give some more thought about what to actually take a picture of. Be more creative and pay more attention to my surroundings.

But besides today’s Project365 photo I’ve got another photo which I wanted to share and forgot to do that yesterday. I picked up my xrays from the first doc I saw about my shoulder, because the orthopedic surgeon wanted to take a look at them. In the 21st century you don’t have xrays on film obviously, but in digital form, so I got a DVD with a black and white look of my insides ;-)

Project365 – Week 02 – “Cold”

Photos 5
Week 02 - Cold 5 Another rather uninspired – last minute – photo. Nothing more to say…

In this next photo I marked the stuff that is not supposed to be there in my shoulder :-)

110107 shoulder

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