Grey’s Anatomy 7.14 – "P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)"

Writing this review is going to be easy. If you want to know in detail what I thought of this episode in general just read some of the last few reviews in my „Addicted to Grey’s” category. This newest episode was basically the same kind of meh.

The whole Baby Torres storyline was so boring to me. All of it.

Mark using Jackson to spy on Lexie. Boring. But I like Jackson so at least I had something nice to look at during these scenes. And he even took off his shirt :-). I think I don’t have to be a psychic to see a Lexie/Jackson hookup in the future. Typical Grey’s stuff, nobody can stay single for too long, as long as there are still doctors she/he hasn’t had sex with yet.

Alex and the new OB felt a lot like Alex/Addie version 2.0 *yawn* I want to like this new doctor and I did in the previous episode, but in this one and especially after her speech in the gallery she felt like a Arizona/Addie mashup and not like a unique and new character of her own. So I’m undecided on what to think of her yet, besides the fact that she is yet another of the too many characters on the show.

I really, really still dislike Chief Webber. Once again he is trying to manipulate Meredith and to make her do things just because he feels guilty for the whole Ellis history. I wish he could give it a rest. Just like Meredith did a long time ago.

I did so not care at all about Owen’s and Callie’s patient. Probably because it all was about Baby Torres anyway.

I enjoyed seeing a lot of Meredith in this episode. It’s weird to see her all grownup and giving sisterly advice or scolding her little sister, but I like it. I also still like Lexie and I completely understand that she was in a general bad mood, because of Mark’s involvement with Baby Torres. Baby Torres puts me in a general bad mood too *g*. So I get why seeing her dad with a girlfriend like this one upset her so much. I though this Dani girl had some resemblance to Susan Grey after all, which might have been a coincidence. Or a surprisingly (for this show these days anyway) considerate casting decision.
I loved the scene when Bailey came into the locker room and called for the „Greys!” and her need to find someone “who speaks Grey”. Cristina also had a few great lines in this episode. „If you tangle with one Hell’s Angel, you tangle with the whole gang.“

I was glad that Meredith choose to build her career and make her name known in the medical world with a trial that is important to her. And to her husband. And not because of something that was important to her mother and the chief. And honestly, if you have the choice between spending a good part of your worklife with McDreamy or Chief Webber, it should be a no-brainer whom to choose, right?

I honestly wasn’t surprised that the whole McBaby storyline wasn’t continued at all. Already last year I came to terms with the fact that McBaby’s second name obviously is „Discontinuity“. At least the last scene with Meredith and Derek was really cute, but of course there was once again not enough Derek in this episode. Not enough at all. But as a fan of not just the character Derek Shepherd but even more the actor and person Patrick Dempsey, I have learned to see the bright side of this all. I’m very happy for him that he earns his big bucks so easily these days.

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