Grey's Anatomy 7.16 – "Not Responsible"

This week the show returns to the mediocrity I got used to during season 7 so far. To save time I’ll do this review in a list of “Liked” and “Disliked”. There was stuff I didn’t care about one way or the other, which won’t be mentioned here. You know… saving time and blog space.

The new house is still just a plot device to prompt Meredith’s storyline about her eyes problems. They broke ground in late season 6, which I’d say was almost a year ago in the canon time line. How long does it take two surgeons with more than enough money to have a house built and ready to move in to?

Shouldn’t Meredith and Derek consult their own fertility specialist about Mer’s eyes sight and not just some random OB? But that of course would require to give the McBaby storyline more room and to make it about Meredith and Derek only and not about the newest addition to the show. And we can’t have that happen on Grey’s, right? All in all there was once again not enough Derek in this episode and I guess when we see more of Derek in the next couple of episodes it will be because he is treating Adele and not because he is trying to make a baby *sigh*

Baby Torres parents fight about who’s got the right to which percentage of the vote… or whatever. My brain tuned out during most of their scenes. And Eric Dane’s acting skills really are limited, aren’t they? Or is that just my impression?

I’m so bored by the chief and his attitudes and thus am not really interested in the whole storyline of Adele as a patient on the neuro floor. But at least it might give us some more Derek scenes in the upcoming episodes, if just as a doctor and not as husband, dad-to-be or whatever. I’m content with so little these days.

Owen being a jerk to Cristina. But that’s nothing new. He is a jerk, more times than not IMHO. He just doesn’t know or understand her and I don’t think he ever will. And he was just so patronizing. Ugh. Owen, go away!

Already when they were hitting golf balls on the roof some time in season 6 I thought this was such a ridiculious idea. Where do these balls fly to? Where do they drop? Smashing the windscreen of a car, causing a fatal accident? Am I exaggerating or is this hitting golf balls on the roof idea really as stupid as I think it is?

This week’s Alzheimers patient’s storyline with the 10 year old son taking care of his mom was heartbreaking. I hate to admit it, but I thought Dr. Stark’s concerns were sort of justified. He might have chosen the wrong way to put it but this family does need help and he did seem to know a lot about what social workers do and what they don’t. I liked Peter MacNicol on “Chicago Hope” and I’m so glad that his character on Grey’s starts to show some likeable sides after all.

Bailey seeking Meredith help (well sort of) regarding how to deal with Adele and Bailey talking some sense into the chief.

“You’re about as self-assured as a Chiuaua” LOL. I’m starting to like this OB, but that might change fast, if she turns down Alex one more time.

Mer and Alex friendship. They are so full of win every time they are on the screen together. And the whole Mer/Alex/Cristina in the cafteria scene felt so much like good old times again.

Cristina standing her ground regarding the baby issue. Yay! I always said this relationship was doomed from the start. Or at least the marriage was doomed from the way it came around.

Jackson is winning me over more and more with each episode. I actually always thought I’d love to see him with Cristina, once she breaks up with Owen, but for now I’m more than ok with a Lexie/Jackson relationship as well. I squeed when he said “Yeah, I’m in the line” and of course at the shower scene in the end.


So, that was Grey’s in a nutshell… so to speak. I really have no idea where this show is heading. Downward, it seems to me.

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