Live from the 83rd Academy Awards…

05:35 CET Yes! Again. But like I wrote several hours ago, it’s the only one of the nominated movies I have seen, so I’m biased. Happy for this movie and glad that the show is over, because it was kind of boring this year. I hope they get a comedian to host the show in 2012. Off to bed now.

05:30 CET Well deserved win Oscar for Colin Firth and a lovely speech. At least this was worth staying up for.

05:15 CET No suprise, I guess. But what happened to the 45 second limit for the thank yous? I guess the got additional 45 seconds as well.

05:05 CET Yay! Oscar for best director for “The King’s Speech”! I hope that’s a good sign for the best movie category. And what a wonderful speech. “Listen to your mother”. LOL. Nice story. And yes, now Annette Benning,

04:10 CET *yawn* I’m starting to get too tired to type coherently, I think. The show isn’t helping that very much to keep me awake and entertained. Is it just me or is it a rather boring show this year? Well, acording to my twitter stream I’m not the only bored one. The most important question right now to me are: Is Franco stoned or not? And what actually is the name of Christian Bale’s wife :-)?

3:35 CET I hope the beard is for Bale’s next part, because it’s not making him more attractive. Rather the opposite. Oh and Hugh Jackman will present an award after the break? Finally something to look forward to, presenter-wise. But wait, didn’t he say he’ll be presenting with Kidman? Not looking forward to see her Botox face again…

3:30 CET The fact that they have to imitate (or want to honor and fail gigantically) the awesomeness of Jackman’s performance at the Oscars a few years ago speaks volumes about this years presentation by Franco and Hathaway. They might be good actors, but they are not overly impressive as presenters.

3:20 CET Haven’t seen “The Social Network” but I’m sure Sorkin deserves this Oscar. He is Sorkin! The amazing West Wing Sorkin. So, yay! Very happy for the award for King’s Speech, wonderful writer’s speech from the winner.

3:10 CET What a wonderful way to honor Kirk Douglas and he was so surprisingly funny. And Melissa Leo was so refreshingly stunned and emotional. That’s what I want to see at the Oscars. Who was this actress presenting with Timberlake by the way? I’m so bad with knowing/remembering celebs. Anyway, her dress, well her cleavage to be exact looks kind of weird, doesn’t it?

02.50 CET Maybe it’s just me, but wasn’t the opening sequence with James and Anne wandering through these movies kind of lame? Their first stint on stage wasn’t bad, but still… mmmh. I don’t know.

And while I’m typing these there were already two awards handed out. I should use the breaks for the blogging or I’ll miss too much of the show. But when do I stock up my drink and snacks then :-)?

1:55 CET I should have stayed in bed until the actual show starts at 2 AM. This Pro7 red carpet show is so ….ugh. I’m cringing with embarrassment every 5 seconds. But even Gätjen couldn’t ruin the interview with Colin Firth, because Firth is just so awesome.

01:45 CET – Red Carpet I did fall asleep (in bed) after all. Which was sort of the plan, but I’m not quite sure yet, if I’m feeling more awake, because of the rest I’ve gotten or more exhausted, because the alarmclock cut the nap short. Anyway: Steve Gätjen for Pro7 at the red carpet… I’m always slightly embarrassed by this part of the broadcast, because no one walking by on the red carpet is actually giving a damn about him and it feels to me as if he is desperately seeking to be noticed by the cool kids on the playground…

23:25 CET- Before the show starts… I seriously consider laying down for the next two hours for a power nap. Or something of that sort. I’m already rather tired and have no idea how I will manage to stay awake for the next couple of hours. But that’s the same every year, when I stay up all night to watch the Oscars. In my old one-room- apartement I could at least watch TV from bed, but this year I have to stay in the living room. I hope live-blogging will help to keep me awake. There also still is some laundry to fold and socks to sort and… yes, boring stuff, I’ll stop writing about that.

When I look at the list of nominated movies, actors and so on I realize I have only seen one the movies yet. The King’s Speech. I’ve been a lousy movie fan last year and missed a lot of even the “big” movies. But sometimes I just was and still am not interested.
I was actually planning to list who I think would/should win, but as I have only seen this one movie and I enjoyed it a lot, the list would have been very biased. And one-sided. So let’s just say, I hope “The King’s Speech” wins in the major categories. Everyone says Natalie Portman deserves to win for Black Swan and I’m sure she did a great job and deserves it. But I had a thing for Annette Benning ever since “The American President” even though I haven’t seen a lot of her work after that. So despite Portman’s obviously stellar performance I’ll secretly will keep my fingers crossed for Annette.

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