|Prompts| for February

I’m determined to update on a more regular basis. Using this old concept of |Prompts| might be a good way to start. Or it might not… ? :-)

|First| Live-Blogging an award show. Might also be the first and last time I’m doing this *g*
|Last| snowfall (earlier this week)for the winter of 2010/11. Please!
|Old| Habit: Watching Grey’s. I obviously just can’t drop it
|New| Addiction: Angry Birds.
|The Good| Even irregular workout seems to have strengthened my back muscles over the last two years.
|The Bad| Bumped a concrete wall while navigating Bro3’s car out of a parking garage.
|The Ugly| Large open wound on Bro3’s broken ankle. It has to be that way, including a drain to “suck out” the infection. Long story, gory sight.
|Bought| Magnets en masse. Kitchenware. Books.
|Thrown Away| Spoiled food.
|Learned| How to use the media database at work.
|Forgot| Too many small things, because I had so much on my mind.
|Thought| “Why me?” on several, all very different ocassions.
|Said| “No, he’s not here at the office (yet)” way too many times.
|Saw| Berlin.
|Moving Pictures| The King’s Speech and a lot of episodes from various TV series.
|Words| Robert Enke biography. Part 3 of the David Hunter series by Simon Beckett.
|Tunes| “Bye-bye Hollywood Hills…”
|Sound| Low hum of my computer (compared to loud hum until I dusted off the insides).
|Term| “Ich glaub, es hackt!” (translating or explaining it would be a blog post of its own).
|Sight| Morning mist on the river (on my way to work).

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