The Weirdest Feeling

I’m not even trying to find the right words to write about the horror of what happened and is happening in Japan. I’m at loss and feel that everything I could write would just seem shallow. I can’t imagine what the people in Japan are going through right now. We see the footage on TV and we read about it in the papers and on the internet and we might think we have an idea of how horrible the situation is for them. But I’m afraid it’s probably so much worse than we in our warm and dry and safe and sheltered homes among our family and friends and all our belongings can imagine.

I donated some money and I’m planning to donate some more later this week, once I’ve decided which charity to donate to. I really really hope that the worst (nuclear disaster) won’t happen to Japan as well, because this country has been through much too much already. I wish there was more I could do for them, but I can’t think of anything right now. Sending good vibes and praying for them, but it all feels so inadequate.

I won’t go into the whole pro/anti nuclear power issue on this blog. I’m a member of the Green Party, so you know where I stand on that.

Over the last few days I had difficulties to really concentrate at work, because I have access to the internet all the time and of course I checked for news frequently. And it feels weird to just keep living my life and do all the ordinary things like working and shopping and having coffee at Starbucks and going to the gym, while there are so many people in so much need at the other side of the world. Add the millons of people who are also in need all around the globe, because they are starving or because their government declared war on them (how could Libya drop from our radar so easily?) or because they are too poor or because…

The world really can be a scary and depressing place to live in sometimes. I just hope I’ll soon find a way to not let this paralyze my mind anymore or dampen willingness to just live my life. My desire to do nice things. To write about doing nice things. Without feeling guilty about doing so, while others suffer through their worst nightmare and we are watching it via satellite TV from afar.

This mood I’m in right now reminds me a lot of the days after 9/11. I felt similar scared and helpless and just weird back then.

I was a lazy blogger for other reasons recently (something I still have to write about) but I hope that some normality will return to this blog soon. Even if it will feel a bit weird to write about hockey games or TV series or novels, while there is such a disaster going on elsewhere. Let’s just wait and see how and if I will manage…

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