|Prompts| For Early April

|First| Being officially in charge of a small protest ralley.
|Last| Saying Goodbye to the Cologne Sharks Hockey Team of 2010/11.
|Old| Being pissed at Shonda Rhimes.
|New| AriaAdagio on Twitter.
|Bought| New mattress and new set of sprung slates for my bed.
|Thrown Away| Spoiled food from my fridge. Again. Too busy  & lazy to cook.
|Started| Going to bed at a reasonable hour.
|Finished| My income tax return.
|Planned| Too many meetings and campaigns for work and local politics.
|Learned| To better not rely on my co-worker.
|Forgot| Probably a few things during the chaotic last few days at work.
|Words| “One. Two. Eight. The numbers of decay.” [Start of the latest Simon Beckett novel]
|Tunes| “I don’t dance”
|Moving Pictures| Various episodes of various TV series.
|Sight| Cherry Blossoms at the crossroads.
|Sound| Trees rustling in the wind in my mom’s garden.
|Term| Grün-Rot. [too complicated to explain that one in English]

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