My TV Series From A – Z

I updated the „I’ve watched” page on this blog on Friday and thought I’d do a short review of all the TV series I’ve so far watched this year. [I also for a short moment considered writing a „this and that happened in my life recently” post, but it’s all so ordinary and boring and … well, I’ve watched a lot of TV series recently, so maybE that’s why nothing extraordinary happened.] Anyway, a short review in alphabetical order.

Brothers & Sisters: Up until this last season (which turned out to actually be the last season of the show) I really liked this show. I had fun following the Walkers through their lives and I overlooked a lot of far-fetched storylines. But in 2010/11 the writing really went down the drain. Seriously, I was convinced that there was crack being handed around the writer’s room, because the writing was sooooo bad. I stopped watching after the first few episodes but friends told me the show got less bad later on, so I joined in again. There was still a lot of crap, but there also were nice and cute stories, and I didn’t want to abandon the Walkers after all these years. I think ABC was right to not bring the show back for another season though.

Camelot: I don’t remember exactly which of my friends got me interested in this one. I’m usually not a big fan of the fantasy genre, but I liked the male characters on the show so I kept watching for a short while. Didn’t like the guys that much that I watched more than five episodes :-)

Downton Abbey: I read lots of good reviews of this one, but I somehow didn’t get hooked after th first episode. Not at all, so the first episode is all I’ve watched.

Grey’s Anatomy: I’ve written and tweeted a lot about this show over the last few years. Ever since I started watching  in 2006 actually. I loved this show and I’m sad (annoyed, angry, disappointed…. take your pick) about what it had turned into. I stopped watching complete episodes after the musicrap episode and only watched MerDer, Alex and a few more scenes and that made it endurable. I still mourn ‘my’ show though.

Hawaii Five-0: There is a lot of bad writing on this show as well (far-fetched storylines and all that), but there also is my favourite TV bromance Steve/Danno, a lot Alex O’Loughlin half naked, beautiful scenery of Hawaii. Enough reasons to keep me entertained for 42 minutes once a week. I’m glad that the show will be back for a 2nd season.

Mr. Sunshine: I only watched the first two episodes of this sitcom because Alison Janney (aka C.J. Cregg) was in it and I wanted to see her in another role. I realized I obviously don’t like Alison enough to endure crappy TV. If I remember correctly the show wasn’t renewed and I think I know why…

Parenthood: My new favourite TV family! Air Canada had the first few episodes of this show on the onboard selection of TV shows and movies when I flew back from Canada in October 2010 and I started watching and got hooked right away. Especially as I had just decided to dump the Walkers from my TV line-up, because of the crappy writing.
The Bravermans have to deal with ordinary and real life problems and they are all just very nice and likeable persons. There also is Tyree Brown, the cutest kid on TV, the amazing and incredible Mae Whitman and Laura Graham who I absolutely LOVE as Sarah Braverman. I have never watched „Gilmore Girls”, but I’m tempted to check it out once I’ll find the time to do so later this year. Especially as I’ve just found out that „Cary” from The Good Wife was on the cast in the later seasons.

Raising Hope: Sounded like a interesting idea for a sitcom, but I didn’t really got hooked and just watched the first three episodes. Not much more to say about it…

The Big Bang Theory: I only got hooked on this show last year and I still like it a lot. At least I laugh a lot when I watch it, even though I’m not sure I really like the whole couple-y thing that’s going on. There are too many girls on the show for my taste ;-)

The Good Wife: I watched the complete season 1 and 2 within the last two weeks and I absolutely loved it. It’s a great show with excellent writing and a great cast. I’ve always liked legal drama and there also is a lot politic drama on the show which I also like and not just for professional reasons. I’m really impressed with the writing of this show because they take the time to develop a storyline over several episodes and because the characters are all fleshed out and they are no stereotypes (at least not the main characters) but real people. They have their strong suits and their flaws and they live real and complicated relationships.
I might not be a hardcore Alicia/Will – shipper, but I like her a lot and I like him, but he hasn’t won me over to the extent that other male characters on other shows have (like McDreamy for instance *g*). Is it weird that I find the supporting characters slightly more interesting though? Kalinda is my absolute favourite, but I also really like Cary Argos even though he has switched to the „dark side” *g* Another favourite of mine is Eli Gold, especially after we’ve seen more of his personal side towards the end of season 2. And I also hope to see more of Alicia’s brother Owen in season 3, I liked him a lot as well.
Another reason why I like this show is that they do address various issues whether it’s through a law suit or through political statements during the campaign. It’s real life and sometimes it is heartbreaking. And sometimes it’s also depressing. But so is real life, isn’t it?

White Collar: I’m really looking forward to season 3, which will start in a few week. Neal and Peter are my #2 TV bromance and it’s so much fun to watch them. Most of the cases the White Collar unit has to deal with and the way they deal with it are very entertaining to watch. I sometimes have a hard time following the whole backstories though, because there are so many people involved and mysteries to solve and it’s not always told coherently. I sometimes have to really think hard to remember what was told about this and that a few episodes earlier. But it’s a lot of fun to watch regardless.

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