A Change Is Gonna Come: Prompt-ly (Writing Project)

I’ve been unhappy with my blog for a while. Not with the blog itself, it’s not the blog’s fault that I can’t come up with interesting things to write about. I feel like I’ve just been recounting events from my life, interspersed with a Grey’s Anatomy review (given up on those a few weeks ago) or movie or music reviews and… not much more. Nothing I really feel proud about having it written and published. The weird thing is, I did start blogging all those years ago, because I actually only wanted to recount tales from my life or maybe get some advice or shared a story. I was sick of doing it all on message boards, which even though I was in charge of, weren’t meant to be my personal outlet for those stories.

Things seem to have changed though and I feel like I still want to write about stuff. Just write. Period. About anything. But obviously just not the ordinary¬† stuff I used to write about. This is were “Prompt-ly” comes in. It’s a listserv / mailing list offering various writing prompts and other writing ideas, inspiration and support and meeting a whole new bunch of interesting people. I joined it a few days ago and am already planning to use at least two of the various prompts that are already floating around to turn it into a blog post.

I have no idea yet how much this will change the topics of this blog or my writing in general, but I’m definitely intrigued by the inspiration this group provided so far. So expect a first Prompt-ly post later today…

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