|Prompts| for Mid-June

I’m really trying to get back into writing and blogging mood. Consider this as an exercise.

|First| Being at a city hall wedding. Lunch at IKEA restaurant. (Those events were unrelated :-) )
|Last| ‘Retired’ from some of my Green Party functions.
|Old| My MS acting up again, which freaks me out and worries me quite a bit, to be honest.
|New| Being addicted to the “Gilmore Girls”
|Bought| Gilmore Girls DVD set, lamp for my desk, various items at IKEA
|Thrown Away| Stuff I didn’t even remember I owned and obviously have no need for (while I was unpacking some of the last boxes from my move last year)
|Started| Building my Goodreads database
|Planned| Short vacation (4 days) in July. Just a change of scenery and lots of cycling, I hope.
|Learned| Outlook can be useful sometimes.
|Thought| “When will this finally be over?”
|Said| “I’ll do it” (too many times, I think)
|Tunes| “Great Balls of Fire” by Dick Brave and the Backbeats
|Moving Pictures| Pirates of the Caribbean IV, lots and lots of “Gilmore Girls”. New “White Collar”.
|Sight| Beautiful bride, cute baby. (again not related)
|Sound| My friends’ hilarious answering machine message.
|Term| “Binary Eater”.

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