Today's Leftovers, 10th Issue, 2011

If there were a World Championship of Procrastination I’m sure I’d make it at least to the semi-finals every time. Seriously, I’m so so lazy at the moment and putting things off even though I know I should be doing them. For the last few weeks I decided to watch seven seasons of “Gilmore Girls” instead. I’m not even sure  if I subconsiously really want to avoid dealing with some stuff or if I’m just plain lazy. I really don’t like my tendency to procrastinate right now, but I have no real plan how to snap out of it.

~ ~ ~

Work is slow at the moment which actually gives us enough time to finally sort the tons of stuff lying around and to file documents away in any kind of orderly way. The thing is, I hate that kind of adminstrative work and the internet is so easily available to distract me. I have only two more day left before I’m off work until Tuesday, 26th July. I really need that break away from work, I think, even though it is rather slow at the moment. I know that might sound weird, but it is what it is…

~ ~ ~

I’ve been listening to a lot of Runrig music lately, especially the “Year of the Flood” live album from 2007. When I checked their website for news  last week I came across the NY2SY2012 project, which the band sponsors. I was really impressed by the guy and his endeavour so I not only donated some money for his cause but also ordered the NY2SY2012/Runrig shirt and while I was shopping at the Runrig Shop I also ordered the “Year of the Flood” concert DVD from 2007.
The concert originally was called “Beat the Drum Festival”, but I totally understand why they choose the song title “Year of the Flood” for the CD/DVD afterwards. I knew that it was raining during the concert because the leadsinger Bruce mentions the rain early on the live album. I had NO idea though that ….“for the duration of that day and night the area was experiencing its highest rainfall levels in living memory” (quote from the DVD intro). And yes the live footage gives a lot of proof of that. Wow! And to think that I stayed away from the only Runrig concert in my area in 2010 because it was outdoors and it was cold and raining (and I already had been sick a few days before). I’m such a wussy!

~ ~ ~

I really have to catch up with the latest “White Collar” and “Switched at Birth” episodes. I kept those on hold until I was finished with my Gilmore Girls marathon. (There will be extra post about that, or to be more precise about my “girl crush” on Lauren Graham later this week). I wanted to finish it before I’ll be without a DVD player for a few days next week, when I’m away for a short vacation. Talk about TV show addiction, right? I’m kind of pathetic in that regard, I guess…
I started following a few of the SaB actors on Twitter today, so I guess I better catch up with the show soon to avoid getting too many spoilers (for me) via Twitter. I unfollowed every (I think at least) official (actors, writers, network) Twitter account related to Grey’s Anatomy already some time ago. Funny how things can change.

~ ~ ~

I really have to use the week of to start working on my grad school work. I’m so behind my formerly well planned schedule regarding classes and assignments and term-paper and such. I think about some of the stuff some of the time but I never really start to actually work on it. Procrastination at it’s best. *sigh* I should make an appointment with someone at the faculty over the summer as well, to get some more perspective in regards of termpaper and thesis, because I only have vague ideas what my master thesis should be about.
Already a couple of days ago I was informed that my assignment for the “Enviromental Psychology” class from October 2010 finally got graded! I don’t know what took them so long and I still haven’t gotten it back, so I couldn’t read the detailed evaluation. But I already know that I got 93% which means it’s an A! Yay! This reaffirms my thoughts about writing my thesis about something from the Enviromental Psychology field. I just have to narrow it down a lot more I guess :-)

~ ~ ~

All the Runrig music (and watching the live DVD) makes me want to go back to Scotland soon. I might serisously consider going back there next summer, even though there are still so many more countries I would also like to visit some day. But Scotland again is quite tempting. Well at the moment, maybe that will change over the next couple of months.
My weird love for all things Scottish is now also apparent in my new darts flights (the “wings” at the end of the darts), because they show the Scottish flag. It feels like I’m better at Darts since I’m using these flights, but I’m pretty sure I’m only imagining it :-) I just realize that the term “my new darts flights” makes me look like I’m playing Darts on a regular basis. I’m not. Not at all even though I consider playing it more often every year around this time, because Bro2 is hosting the traditional Darts tournament (including barbecue and basically lots of fun) again on Saturday. I’m signed up to play as well, I think. I’m not really good at it (because I don’t play often enough and hence every year around this time I think I should play more throughout the rest of the year *g*). But maybe the Saltire flights will work magic this year…

~ ~ ~

I haven’t made up my mind yet about for which team to root at the Women’s World Cup 2011 now that our German team is out of the tournament. I definitely want Sweden and the USA to win their semi-finals. Sweden, because I like Sweden since I was an exchange student in Stockholm in 1997 and because they are playing against Japan, who kicked our German team out. I’m not a big fan of France or anything French in general so I won’t be rooting for them, so that automatically leads to me rooting for the USA in the other semi. If the final indeed will be SWE – USA I think I will rather want the Swedish girls to win. I don’t know… They’ll have to win the matches tomorrow first after all…

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  1. Hope says:

    I think that, when you’ve been sick like you have, you are entitled to a little procrastination.

  2. liljan98 says:

    Thanks. Sadly it feels like it has been more than just a little :-)

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