Impressions from the Island…

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It’s probably a good thing that I didn’t write a post about my short vacation on Norderney while I was on vacation. I might have started that with a tiny bit of bitching about too many annoying tourists on the island, on which I wanted to spend a few relaxing days :-). But looking back on it, I did manage to relax and to have wonderful time and the island is big enough too avoid the large crowds of the partying people. It also helped that the Milchbar, my favourite cafe/restaurant established a “no alcohol served before noon” policy on the weekend, so at least I could enjoy my Macchiato there in the late morning. And of course the incredibly beautiful weather on every day of my 5-day-stay helped to make this trip a very relaxing and wonderful one.

On Friday I took the bus out to the Weiße Düne (White Dune), which is another awesome restaurant at a beautiful beach and I spend some time on that beach, because I was afraid that it might be too crowded on the weekend. I also walked around the small town looking for the various caches of a multi-geocache. I also did that on Saturday afternoon, but in the end I did not manage to get to the final cache. No matter how much I checked and did the math again, I always ended up off shore with my coordinates. I did find quite a few micro caches on Saturday and Sunday but admittedly for some I needed to use the hints/spoilers. It was still a lot of fun to do, especially as I originally thought that I’d be too unexperienced to find these tiny, tiny boxes. So even with the use of the hints I still felt highly accomplished :-)

What else did I do? On Saturday I had the chance to go on a guided tour of the mudflats of the Wadden Sea. It was definitely muddy *g* and quite the experience. We all had to take a sandworm on our hand, which was ok, but I drew the line at touching crabs. On Sunday I rented a bike to venture to the east part of the island, the lighthouse and of course to find some geocaches. Did I mention the amazing summer weather ;-)? It was so so awesome to be riding a bike, only wearing jeans and a t-shirt on the second day of October! After all the activity on Saturday and Sunday I decided to rent a Strandkorb (I just now realize that these are only used around the North and Baltic Sea) and spend the day at the beach. It wasn’t that warm anymore but still nice and the wind had picked up so there were waves rolling in and seagulls to watch and just a day to let pass by doing… nothing. Great vacation, which ended much too soon.

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    Sounds like an awesome vacation!

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