Music Was My First Love…

I’m actually still in the process of re-writing a drafted blog post I started last Tuesday and this rewrite will take a while. I wanted to end that blog post with two videos. Not necessarily because those were important for the post, but just because I wanted to share them :-) I will do that in this extra post though.

I was busy with boring stuff all weekend so I was glad, that on Saturday evening I found something worth watching on TV: 2h 15min “best of” the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame 25th Anniversary Concert from 2009. I thought it would be nice to have that on in the background while I was catching up with mails and blogs and such. I didn’t get much stuff done though, because the concert was too distracting :-)
There were a lot of artists/bands I only knew by name or maybe even their greatest hits, but couldn’t have put a face to. And of course there also were the ones I know: Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Billy Joel, Metallica, U2, Sting… It was a fantastic line-up and an incredible concert. Two different performances¬† especially left a lasting impression.

The first one made me want to go dancing and partying next weekend, because, well.. “Because the Night” :-)

The second performance (which actually was more than just one song and which actually happened before the “first” one, but I wanted to end the post with this one :-) ) gave me goosebumps and almost made me cry, because their songs are such beautiful and timeless gems of music history. Simon & Garfunkel! While I was watching this I¬† realized that that I don’t own any of their music. Yeah, I know, it’s a shame. I bought the “Live at Central Park” this afternoon though. Seriously, how can you not be touched by this classic ?

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