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… was supposed to be the title of this post. Because the plan for today was to finally take some pictures of the “Indian Summer” in my area and to find a few geocaches and to send one of my travelbugs off to his travels at last. I’m not really good at finding microcaches, so I didn’t really expect to find the two micros on the way to the starting point of the multi-cache I had planned to find. I didn’t find those two micros, of course. Unfortunately I also wasn’t successful with the final part of the multi-cache, even though I found all the other station leading up to the final. That also meant that I couldn’t drop the travelbug, which consequently led to the reduced blog title :-)

At first I was really frustrated about not finding the cache, especially because I didn’t know where I had made the mistake, which led me to wrong coordinates. Or if I maybe just was to blind/stupid/whatever to find the final hidden cache at the coordinates? But then I took a few deep breath (the stress-reduction program seems to show some effect *g*) and relaxed and remembered all the various stops and hints I had successfully discovered during that search so far. And that I already had felt rather accomplished at some point, because some of them weren’t that easy to find for a newbie like me. I also enjoyed the walk in the beautiful town quarter at first and then in the woods during the second part of the route. And all of a sudden I didn’t feel that frustrated anymore. Only a tiny little bit :-)

The starting point of the cache was close to a  zoo and for a while I had to use a walk/cycle path on former railway tracks. At some point this path bridges part of the zoo and a sign is put up at the side: (in English: Information for the tigers: Meals on wheels *g*)

Small downside of this outing: On the last stop before the finale I stumbled when I returned from the wood – where the hint was hidden – to the path. The location was aslope and I think I stepped on a branch, which started rolling downwards and then I lost my footing and fall flat on my face. Literally. I have scrapes on the tip of my nose ;-) And my knees and the side of my left hand. Ouch! I don’t feel very bruised yet, but I have no idea how I will feel tomorrow…

But all in all I very much enjoyed the few hours I spent out in this beautiful late autumn weather and I finally had the chance to take some pictures of the beautiful colourful foliage we can see around here this year. The term “treeporn” was introduced to me by @DresdenPlaid  and I like it :-)

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    Tree porn! Love it!

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