NaBloPoMo – Day 1: Leftovers, 13th issue

I’ll give NaBloPoMo another try this year. Starting with a few random thoughts tonight. It probably will be random thoughts for 75% of the posts this month, but hey, at least I’ll be blogging :-)

I should find a new hobby, because I obviously suck at geocaching.

I could take up photography. I took dozens of “treeporn” pix this afternoon. I’ll save those for another of the 29 following posts this months :-)
I really enjoy watching Rookie Blue. I had actually planned to cut down on my watching TV series time and I will. After I’ve finished season 2. But seriously, I won’t start any new show this year, even though I was interested in a few. I really want to spend my time a bit more productive. Or at least spending it in a way that is more healthy. Not necessarily in the sense of physical health alone, but more in the mental and emotional health kind of way. I know it sounds cryptic. I might write a post about how it’s meant later this month.
I probaby should start a list (another list *g*) of topics I want to cover in these 30 post during NaBloPoMo.

The two books I’m reading at the moment are: “The Power of Now” by Eckhard Tolle and “Blaue Augen bleiben blau” by Balian Buschbaum.

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