Mug Shot #04

I’ve been a exchange student in Stockholm, Sweden, from August 1997 till February 1998. Spending these months in Sweden really deepened my love for anything moose-related ;-) 1997 also was the year in which the newly produced Mercedes Benz A-class model failed the Moose Test, a test to see how a vehicle acts, when the driver suddenly has to a evade a large object. The term (“Elchtest” in German) was all over the German media that winter and it turned into quite a catchphrase still used at various other ocassions. I mean there were mugs made which say: 100% … tested ;-)

I think this mug was a present from my best friend, either for christmas 1997 or for my birthday in April 1998. It might be the oldest mug in my collection and I love it dearly, because… well there is a moose on both sides of the mug (left-y bonus point) ;-). There also is a tiny moose on the inside of the mug, but that’s only visible for people holding the mug with their right hand, so ususally I don’t see it. Fate of a left-y. I still like the idea a lot, it’s cute…

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2 Responses to Mug Shot #04

  1. Nat says:

    Oh, I remember the Elchtest!! That mug is very funny, even now. How many mugs do you own, in total?

  2. Hope says:

    Would your mug be able to avoid a moose? :p

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