Mug Shot #06

I’m having such a difficult time writing this assignment for my last-but-one grad school course. I actually have it all figured out in my head, or I like to believe that I do, but putting it into words and backing it up with the right references is such a tedious job *sigh* But I’ll muddle through, “bird by bird” like I’ve just learned from Regina Brett (see previous post), who in turn got that one from Anne Lamott’s book on writing with the same title (Yet another book I might read this year. Once I’m done with all this school stuff).

This morning I used one of my favourite mugs (well, I like all my mugs, but some more than others). I bought it in April 2010, when I spent a few days in London and finally managed to visit the Tower Bridge Exhibition. Fascinating stuff. And you can buy nice mugs with a colourful, but still simple decoration. I really like that it’s done in just a few strokes but still catches the essence of the “Jumping Bus” incident in 1952. And once again: extra gold star for being an ambidextrous mug :-)

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