Weird Week in Limbo

From now on I will or at least might try to follow Anne Lamott’s “to just sit down and write. Even if the it’s just one messy paragraph” (Or something like that is her advice, I should look it up again, but I know me and I know that would get sidetracked again and this post would never be finished. I have no idea what the point of this post will be. Maybe I just like the clicking of the keyboard. And I might not even publish it. But I probably will and if you’re reading this I did publish it. But you even more probably already have guessed that.

The past week was a weird week in some ways. I had a job interview on Monday and I already talked about it on Twitter, but not here so maybe I should start with that. I don’t have a lot of experience with job interviews and especially not in the recent years, so I don’t have a lot to compare it to. It felt not bad, but like I said… not a lot to compare it too. It was only a 30 minutes talk, so it kind of was kind of over before I knew it ;-) I was asked to talk about myself first (education, job experience etc) and even though I’m usually not a big fan of talking about myself, I expected that and was prepared for it. I was asked several question in regards to certain aspects of the job I was interviewed for, like how I would handle this and that and what I would do about this or that. I think I did ok with that part. The last part was more about technalities, like when I could start working there and working hours and such. They still have to figure out some of that on their side as well and I think or hope that my willingness to compromise on working hours/wage is a point in my favour. But honestly I have no idea how it really went down. The interview had a quite relaxed atmosphere and I felt quite good afterwards, but there still might have been a few other applicants who might be much better qualified. So yeah, basically, I have no idea. They will be conducting more interviews next week and promised to get back to me by the end of the week.

Going back to my current job on Tuesday I started to realized how unhappy I am at this job by now. There are so many things that just bother me more and more. I complained here often enough, so I won’t get into it now. I just have no idea how to deal with this for much longer. Ok, that sounds melodramatic, because I know I will deal with this as long as I have to. And as long as I don’t have any other job to switch to. But I was thinking about this other job so much last week and yes, I admit, imagined how cool it would be to get it and to start working there in a job, that I’d really love to be doing. Where I would feel like I’d actually do something productive and useful and … well, a job I’d really love to do. And that’s so much more than I can say about my current job, where I don’t feel like I’m doing anything useful. Exaggerating again, I know. But thinking so much about this potential new job and then returning to my current job was kind of frustrating. It left me in this weird limbo and I’m not sure I’ll get out of that until I hear back from them one way or the other.

But I also did some nice stuff to keep my mind of things. Saw a rock concert (which was fabulous), spent some time with my family, i.e. my mom and my elder brothers, which I usually don’t do all that often, even though they live just around the corner. I mean, I drop by every other day, but that’s usually just to check in or the borrow my brother’s car and such. But we played some Darts of Friday, I took my mom grocery shopping on Saturday and today I spend sometime in the family garden as well. Enjoying the sun, which I’m usually not able to do around my apartement. There is a garden, but I have to share it with the neighbours and when it comes to relaxing in the sun, just reading a book or listening to some music, I need my privacy to feel comfortable. I can do that around my family, because… well they are family. So whenever I want to spend some time outside I usually just walk or cycle over there and spend the afternoon / evening there. One of the many perks to having family close by ;-)

I also had a lot of fun starting to watch older (but new for me) TV Shows. I’ve watched the first few episodes of “Parks & Recreation” and “In Plain Sight” and enjoyed both shows a lot, even though they are so not alike. I’ve been dealing with local politics for almost a decade now (I’m a Green Party member on the town council) and I work in politics as well and the potential new job would be in local government. Some things might be different here in Germany than they are in Pawnee, but I still could relate to so many things and I think it’s really hilarious.
And Mary Shannon in “In Plain Sight” is such a nice change from all the perfect, put-together leading female characters in these kind of crime/action/whatever shows. I just love her sarcasm and her wit and her talent to improvise. The “phonesex” orgasm in the pilot? Holy crap!
I’ve also continued my West Wing marathon over the last few days and played the DVDs while I was doing other stuff, more like background music. I did that at the start of this post, which also means that my “sit down one hour and write” time is already up. The episode I was watching ended some time ago, so I should better come to and end with this and get back to Mary and her witnesses for one more episode.

I’m planning to go on my first real bike ride (about 40 km/25 miles) tomorrow, so I shouldn’t go to bed too late anyway.

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    Fingers crossed for the new job!

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