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Today my best friend took me out to a photo exhibition and drinks (turned out to be icecream in the end *g*) afterwards. It was her birthday present to me back in April and we now finally found the time to go. We also postponed it till the summer because of the  location which is best visited during the summer months after all. The exhibition took place at the Gasometer Oberhausen, which is one of many industrial heritage sites in our region. And no matter how often I visit it (and I’ve been there a few times already) it’s always an amazing experience. The Gasometer is a decommissioned gas holder and it was (an still is?) Europes biggest disc type gas holder. 120m high, 65m in diameter and a volume of almost 350.000 m³. It’s just a lot of space in there. It’s mostly used to host exhibition but also other cultural events, because it’s such an unique atmosphere. And it also has a great view from above :-)

The current Magic Places exhibition showed large photos and other exhibits of Natural and Cultural Monuments of the World and there was some really amazing stuff. I only had my phone to take photos (of the photos :-) ) because I honestly didn’t expect that we were allowed to take pictures in there in the first place. And I had already taken enough photos of the Gasometer itself and of the view from the top. (Of course I took at least one to have proof for this post, that I have been on top)

Unfortunately there also was a huge commercial summer party going on next to the Gasometer, which was a bit annoying, because of the loud and stupid party music, unless you stepped inside the exhibition space.magicplacestree In the middle of the exhibition there was a large (artificial) tree, which was an impressive sight.  It was hard to take a photo of it, because the light inside just wasn’t right but of course they had a professional image of it as part of the exhibition as well, so we just took a photo of the photo, even though we were standing right in front of it.

The following photos of the exhibition also captures a tiny bit of the exhibition space, basically because I’m too lazy to crop my pictures in a way that only the photo of the natural monument was visible.

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  1. hoperoth says:

    Cool exhibition! I would take ice cream over drinks any day. :p

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