Still Sick, But Bought A Car Nonetheless ;-)

I’m still feeling icky most of the time. Doing better than last week, but still not quite allright. The fever keeps worrying me, because it seemed to have gone down one day just to get up to 38.5 °C the next evening. I have moments when I feel really sick and like I should be throwing up any minute, which I haven’t yet though. And I’m really grateful for that, because throwing up sucks!
I went to work on Monday and Tuesday, because I have missed most of last week and my coworker is on vacation. But I only spent a few hours there each day, because I was feeling miserable in general. And there wasn’t a lot of urgent stuff to take care of anyway. My GPs have closed their practice this week (vacation time and all) so this morning I went to the locum GP instead of going to work. He was sympathetic to my misery (always nice to have a doc listen to your whining and not brush you off *g*) and ordered another extensive blood work (including liver, gallblader etc). They should have the results tomorrow around noon and hopefully we’re a step closer to a real diagnosis. As long as I’m feverish I’m not supposed to get my Tysabri I.V., which originally was supposed to happen on Friday. No idea if it will happen or if we’ll have to postpone it for a few days. I guess I’ll have to call my neurologist about that tomorrow.

I spent most of my time on my couch or in bed, watching DVDs or listening to an amazing audiobook. I actually have finished the book yesterday, but I don’t want to give away, which book it was, because I’m planning to give a copy of it to my best friend as a birthday present next week. And she might be reading this, so I’ll keep my mouth shut ;-) I actually have a lot of episodes to catch up on from Parks & Recreation or Common Law, but at the moment I’m mostly watching West Wing for the second time. It takes less effort of my brain to concentrate on something I’ve already watched once before and my feverish mind isn’t really up to a concentrating at the moment.

So obviously, there is not much exciting going on in my life. Except: I put down a deposit for my first own car on Monday! Yikes! How did that happen ;-) ? Well, I obviously know how it happens, but it still sometimes is hard to wrap my mind around it. And all the stuff that comes with it. The post I had written and not uploaded on that Saturday when the whole sickness drama started actually was about my difficult choice between two cars. Or how I made up my mind between these two cars and that I had to wait for the owner of the car shop to get back from vacation before I could make a decision.
He came back last week and I went there again on Monday and after Bro3 took another look at the car and gave his approval, I signed the contract. I got a pretty good deal for the car, but that’s partially due to the fact that according to the shop owner it had a dent on the left front, but it has been fixed and it looked allright (even to Bro3). And the fact that the car has already gone for 35.000 km and that the first service which was supposed to have been done at 30.000 km hasn’t been done yet. The shop owner could have get that done for me, but of course that would cost extra, so I decided to get it done by myself as soon as possible.

We agreed that I’d pick up the car next Wednesday, because I don’t have the cash available before that. Thank God both my brothers are still on vacation from work that week, so one of them can drive me there to complete the transaction, take me and all my papers to the registration office and then back to my car with my new registrations plates. I’m one of those who are willing to pay extra money to choose the letters and numbers on my plate. In fact, I already ordered these plates in advance at the registrations office to be reserved for me. It’s my first own car, it should be something personal, right? Or as personal as I want it to be ;-)
In Germany we can choose any combination of one or two letters and two to four numbers. A lot of people choose their initials and birthday or year of birth, which I didn’t want to do, because everybody does it. After a bit of consideration the choice actually was simple. I chose the year in which my favourite fictional couple have met and as letters I chose their initials. Which in this combination (her/him) turned out to also be the name of one of my favourite female TV characters. Which should give you a pretty good hint, because there are not many female TV characters who use their initials instead of their full names, are there? Anyway, I just like that rather accidently I got two of my fandoms covered with this registration plate. What can I say, I’m a nerdy fan sometimes… ;-)

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2 Responses to Still Sick, But Bought A Car Nonetheless ;-)

  1. Hope says:

    Boo urns for being sick. Yay for a new car. What kind did you end up getting?

  2. liljan98 says:

    Feeling sick-ish for over two weeks now sucks indeed. I got a 2011 Renault Twingo, I don’t think it’s a common car in the US. It’s a small car, but not too small (light etc) to make commute of 30minutes on the highway uncomfortable. It’s also a special edition, in cooperation with Rip Curl (Surfer company) which makes it look pretty sporty. Neat! I’ll post pictures once I’ve got it next week.

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