Every Once In A While…

…and obviously right now in particular, I wonder…

  • if I’ll ever get through a week without bruises from clumsily bumping into doorknobs, open dishwater doors or the edge of a table
  • why people disregard the speed limit on a busy highway
  • if I’ll ever be as cool as the truck driver who at stop and go traffic got out of his truck to reprimand the jerk who had cut him off only seconds earlier
  • if I will have enough will power to never pick a fight with a certain coworker
  • why Shonda Rhimes doesn’t listen to her leading lady in regards to the unhealthy Meredith/Cristina friendship
  • when was the last time my favourite hockey team was on such a run as they are at the moment
  • why I let some thing get to me and why I just can’t let them go
  • how to get more organized in my work and my every day life
  • if I will at least fulfill some parts of the “Promises 2012” in some way for the rest of the year
  • when I will ever get enough sleep again
  • why I had this crazy idea to take part in NaNoWriMo and why my plot idea just won’t leave me alone
  • why I never before realized how much work it is to prepare (plotting, sketching, characterization) for writing a novel
  • why I never before earnestly tried to transform the ideas from my imagination into a written story, because even the preparing and just letting my imagination run free, is so much fun
  • if I will still be so giddy about the whole idea on the evening of 1 November
  • if this weird headache-y feeling is just tiredness or if it’s sign of an advancing head cold
  • when we will get the first snow this year
  • when Sarah will dump Mark and hook up with grumpy old Hank on “Parenthood”
  • how I could have ever considered Mark Cyr a good match for Sarah in the first place
  • if I will ever stop caring that much about characters on a TV show
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2 Responses to Every Once In A While…

  1. Hope says:

    I’m pretty sure I will never sleep normally again. :p

  2. liljan98 says:

    Your lack of sleep has an adorable reason, at least :)

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