Random Fact Friday: Locked or Not?

When I leave my apartment or my car I sometimes, well… a lot of times actually or at least much more often than normal people I think (although the definition of “normal people” is up for debate), worry that I might have forgotten to lock the door (or inĀ  case of the apartment alternatively forgotten to not just lock the door but also to close the window). keyfact
So on these days that I worry, in 50% of the times, I am utterly convinced that I did forget it and turn around and check the door/window again. The other 50% of those times, I manage to keep that worry at the very back of my mind and it’s only nagging me a little until I get back home.
100% of the times I worry, I get back to my car or my front door perfectly locked and all windows closed. I should have learned by now that I always DO lock the door, but… *sigh*

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  1. Hope says:

    I do the same thing with my car! Good thing I have a clicker for it. I can hit the lock button remotely and then hear the chirp.

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