My Outlander Chronicles 2013

I’ve got several drafts of blog posts on my netbook, trying to capture the weird mood I’ve been in since the holidays. These posts haven’t gone past the draft stage yet, because I don’t really find the words to explain (even to myself) why I’m feeling off. Too worried, too overwhelmed, too negative, too critical with myself, too… everything. It’s a strange mood and I hope to snap out of it soon, even though I still have no idea how to manage that.

This afternoon though this “Chronicle” idea hit me and it hasn’t left me yet and maybe it’s going to be just another one of the many blog projects I started and never really followed through. But I think it might be fun and it might provide an incentive for me to at least write about something on a regular basis.

It should come to no surprise to the readers of this blog that I’m a huge fan of the Outlander series, written by Diana Gabaldon. There have been quite a few posts here about that over the years. Have I written about the exciting news that there might even be a TV series? I’m kind of looking forward to it, but am well aware that I have to learn to keep my own expectations at bay when the time comes and the series really makes it to the TV screens. Because I have my vision of the characters and events and it might be a different one than the one that will be on TV. But anyway, I’m a huge, huge fan of Outlander-stuff in general.

Book 8 is scheduled to be out in the fall of 2013 and I had thought about refreshing my memory of the previous novels by either skimming through them again or by listening to the audiobooks again. Ever since I’ve discovered the wonderful unabriged audiobooks, narrated by the incredible Davina Porter, I’ve listened to each one at least once (don’t ask me how many times I’ve read each novel or at least my favourite parts of each *g*).
Yesterday I read the wonderful news on Outlandish Observations that the one audiobook (A Breath Of Snow And Ashes) that hasn’t been available via Audible yet, is finally available and of course I immediately used my Audible subscription to get it. Considering that each audiobook is a length of about 55 hours, catching up with it all until the fall is a big task, but not impossible :-) Well, I don’t know if I will really manage it or if I’ll be willing to even try, but I’m determined to start. I’m spending at least 90 minutes in my car on 5 days each week and there are a lot more opportunities to just turn on my iPod and escape to the land of Jamie and Claire.
So, while I was listening to the first part of the Outlander Audiobook on my way to work this morning, various thoughts crossed my minds, regarding the story, the time I first read the books, the planned TV series… anything, really. One of the thoughts was: What about putting all these thoughts together in some kind of Chronicle here on this blog? And that’s what I’ll be doing from today on. Maybe not every day and maybe in different forms but I will try to cover the whole experience. It’s a work in progress, like so much other stuff here and in my life in general…

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