Thoughtful Tuesday (New Beginnings)

In 2010 I wrote a few “Thoughtful Tuesday” posts, and I’d like to pick up where I left off. At least in some way. So as a reminder, the original idea was to to share something I am either:
a) thankful for,
b) something I witnessed that was an act of kindness, or
c) something I did to “pay it forward”.

I’m thankful that tomorrow I go back to a job, that I really love doing. I enjoyed my Christmas vacation and I wouldn’t mind having a few more days off, but the fact that I’m not dreading to go back to work at all is a very very good sign, because that wasn’t always the case in my old job.

I already even did something to “pay it forward”, today. First good deed of 2013, I guess. When I went out to the bakery this morning to buy some fresh bread rolls for breakfast, I bought a bunch more and dropped them off at my Mum’s place, because I knew Bro2 and Bro3 would eat breakfast there later in the morning.

Besides this good deed I was wonderfully lazy most of the day. I cleaned out my desk at home a bit, but besides that I was just reading the 6th William Monk novel, taking a walk over to my Mum’s again in the afternoon, adding new blogs to my feedreader, reading some more. I was even writing a bit. Not as much as I had liked, I guess my muse is still recovering from a NYE party ;-)?

Plans for the rest of this last day of my Christmas break? Preparing dinner, more reading, possibly finally sorting through the remaining stack of stuff on my desk (scratched that during drafting and posting this post, because I spent such a long time finding out how to replac the blog’s favicon *g*) and then sorting through the photos of my Scotland vacation while watching the final of the World Darts Championship on TV.

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