Enjoying Time With My Favourite Fictional Couples…

At 09:35 (while I was driving to work, on a Saturday) on day 67 of my Outlander¬†“project”, Claire entered a print shop in Edinburgh in 1766 and all was well with the world again. *deepsigh*.
No matter how often I read it or listen to it, it always fills my heart with such joy to see my favourite fictional couple reunited at last. Well, there will be another reunion at the end of book #7 – Echo in the Bone – but I’ve still got a long way to go till then.
At the moment I’m enjoying Jamie and Claire getting to know each other again, before he takes her back to Lallybroch and the whole Laoghaire drama happens.

My other favourite fictional couple (on TV) are also providing lots of wonderful moments to revel in. “That’s not a finger.” *g* Zola will get a little brother and I can’t wait to see the cuteness that is Patrick Dempsey with a tiny baby in his arms. I hope we’ll get to this before the season ends and that there won’t be any stupid cliffhangers in that regard…

[*insert obligatory “I’m exhausted and too stressed for long, decent and interesting blog posts” paragraph here*]

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