Jumble of Thoughts 013

I had actually hoped that this second week of the Easter school vacation would be a bit less busy at work now that the projects with deadlines were finished in time last week. But this week has been equally busy at work, not quite as stressful as last week, but still busy.
I still sometimes feel in over my head without my kind-of-supervising-but-not-really colleague there. It still feels a bit weird to me to take charge and make decisions which will affect him as well without asking him about it first, but I have to learn to make those decisions and to feel confident enough to make them some day, right?

A colleague from the other team on our floor brought cake today because it’s his birthday and we met up for a bit of celebrating around lunch. It was a small group because in both teams almost half the people are on vacation, but it was still a nice break from work we laughed a lot. [Yes, even when I say it’s busy at work, there is always time for cake and coffee *g*].

But I’m still glad that this busy week is coming to an end tomorrow. Next week I’ll only be in the office for 1.5 days. I’ll be away to seminars at a training center from Tuesday till Thursday and I’ll have to get my IV on Friday morning, so there will be only a few hours of work at the office after that. I’m really looking forward to the training days, I hope it’s going to be interesting and educational. And a nice break from the office with all the responsibilities ;-)

° ° ° °

My hockey team – the Cologne Sharks – won the first game of the playoff final series last night, which made me insanely happy and giddy in front of the TV because they won with a 7:2 and they basically steamrolled the other team. They don’t call themselves “The Red Machine” this year without reason *g*. The really cool thing is, that the other team started on 8th and beat the first-ranked team in the quarterfinals, and thus I was actually very worried before the match. But my guys didn’t disappoint and I hope they’ll keep that performance up in the 2nd game tomorrow.

° ° ° °

If you follow me on Twitter you will already have noticed that I’m kind of doing a Gilmore Girls marathon at the moment. Or at least a re-run. I just find it so very comfortable and relaxing to watch an old show, which I have seen before and from which I know what will happen and that I’m going to enjoy what’s going to happen. I know I might miss out on new stuff on TV, but at the moment I’m not in the adventurous mood to try out new stuff.

° ° ° °

I finally went back for a Thai massage yesterday as well and it was so amazing. I went out of there totally “Zen” and was still feeling very relaxed this morning, even though I didn’t sleep as much as I had planned to. Hockey kept me awake longer than usual on a weekday night. I’m determined to schedule this massage more regulary and already booked another appointment in 3 weeks. It’s 30 EUR and 60 minutes of my time well spent.

° ° ° °

There were so many, many wonderful scenes in the last dozen or so chapter of Voyager, the 3rd book of the Outlander series, which I’m listening to at the moment. The biggest surprise for me might have been that I’m really a big fan of Marsali now. I don’t remember what I thought of her the first time around and she certainly grew on me later on Fraser Ridge and all. And even though she was bitch to Claire in the beginning, I really already liked her a lot at the end of chapter 52, in which she finally is married to Fergus.
I always thought Claire/Jamie and Bree/Roger were the two big love stories of this novel series, and for some reason I never quite warmed up to Bree and Roger as a couple in their own rights, I always and still consider them mostly as my OTP’s daughter and son-in-law, if that makes any sense. After listening to 3/4 of Voyager now I think Marsali and Fergus deserve to be called one of the big love stories of this series as well. I definitely like their story and I have to agree with Claire…

So she had done it. One fifteen-year-old girl, with nothing but her stubbornness as a weapon. “I want him”, she had said. And kept saying it, through her mother’s objections and Jamie’s arguments, through Fergus’s scruples and her own fears, through three thousand miles of homesickness, hardship, ocean storm and shipwreck.

My favourite Jamie moments from the chapters I listened to today (or at least the moments, that I remember most now)

“And we’ll see what sort of noise it is, ye don’t make then, Sassenach.”

and of course…

“Fraser”, said a deep, sure voice beside me. Fergus and Marsali both glanced back in surprise and Jamie nodded. His eyes met Fergus’s, and he smiled faintly. “Fergus Claudel Fraser”, he said, slowly and clearly.

[All quotes from “Voyager” by Diana Gabaldon, © 1994 by Diana Gabaldon. All rights reserved]

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