Lazy Friday Night

By now I think maybe the switch to daylight saving time is the reason that I’m so exhausted every evening. It must be. The fact that I never make it to my bed at a reasonable hour can’t have anything to do with it, right *g*?
The weekend is very much needed and I would love to use the two days to relax and sleep and recharge, but I’ve also got nice plans which will cut short the time to relax and sleep and recharge. But I’m sure the plans are worth it.

Like I mentioned in the previous post, work was insanely busy this week, but even though or maybe because of it I felt rather productive today and I didn’t even doubt my ability to take charge and make the right responsible decisions all that often.

Last night’s Grey’s Anatomy episode was enjoyable in some parts, moderately entertaining in others and like usual by now ludicrous in some. But as long as I don’t try to think about the craziness of some storylines it’s all fine.

Now I’m listening to hockey radio and keeping my fingers crossed for a 2nd win for the Cologne Sharks, so that on Sunday I can witness how they win the semifinal in the 3rd game , which I will be attending. The other plan for the weekend is seeing Rocky Horror Picture Show on stage on Saturday. It’s going to be quite the experience, I guess. I have only seen the movie once I think, 20 years ago, with some friends at a park in the summer. I know the popular songs and the basic plot, but don’t remember much more. But I’m sure it’s going to be fun.

I might share another batch of Scotland photos later today, because that’s something I can work on while listening to the radio. But I should sort my laundered socks first. Or maybe I will just curl up on the couch, close my eyes, listen to the radio and dream of a fabulous victory on Sunday :-)

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