Things On a Scale Fom 1 – 10

Stress at work = 8
I’d say the mere work load is “only” a 6, but the self doubt and worry about my own performance and all adds another 2 to make it a solid 8.

Level of exhaustion = 7
I don’t get enough sleep and recently a lot of the sleep I do get is rather restless. Might be related to the first item in this list.

Healthy Eating Habits = 4
Stress and exhaustion make me snack way too much. I haven’t gained weight recently, but my goal should be to loose some and I definitely am not doing that at the moment. There is too much chocolate for that. I also tend to forget to drink enough water throughout the day, which probably also adds to the exhaustion and to…

My Level of clumsiness and forgetfulness = 7
Once again, probably related to lack of sleep and stress at work. I’m too ashamed to admit of how many things I lost or misplaced or just slipped out of my hands or slipped my mind.

State of health = 4
My sort of strained left ankle is still bothering me a bit sometimes, on Saturday my right knee started acting up for no apparent reason and it’s still hurting quite often, even if not as much as it did on Sunday. I’ve also got some dental problems and the one tooth still hurts since this afternoon, when the numbing from this morning’s visit to the dentist wore off.

Fun Activities = 5
Not too much fun stuff going on at the moment, because I a) don’t have the time and b) don’t have the energy, but the things I did (seeing a great movie/TV them concert by a symphony orchestra) or started doing (picked up geocaching after a loooong break) were/are a lot of fun.

Soothing Effect of Outlander audiobooks = 8
:-) What can I say? I love the story and I love the narrator, Davina Porter. Getting into my car and switching on the audiobook really helps to calm me down after work and to forget about the stress of it all.

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