|Prompts| for May 2013

|First| “Oh no, my car’s broken” scare (it wasn’t after all)
|Last| freezing temperatures of this spring, please?
|Old| my love for the Outlander novel series
|New| my addiction to Candy Crush Saga
|Bought| a new bike
|Thrown Away| paper notebooks I’m never going to use
|Started| geocaching (again)
|Finished| my first (almost) solo project at work
|Learned| how to use a new CMS
|Forgot| to make phone calls I wanted to make
|Thought| “People are rude.”
|Said| “The end of the queue is that way” (one of the times when people were rude)
|Saw| “Die Toten Hosen” live in concert
|Tunes| “The Lion and The Lamb” by TV Smith
|Moving Pictures| lots and lots of Gilmore Girls
|Sight| An unexpected nice sunset last Monday
|Sound| Rain outside my bedroom window

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