Scotland in August 2012, Day 09

When I looked at the photos for day 09 I was under the impression, that I didn’t take all that many photos on the second week. Well not enough, it seemed to warrant single post for each day so I had planned combine some of them and just give you the highlights.
But when I was looking through the photos of day 10, there were so many nice ones again, that combining post and just choosing a few photos felt wrong *g* So there will be more single day posts, hopefully very soon….

Day 09: 20 August 2012, Ben Nevis, Fort William

The day started with this view from our bedroom window in our lovely B&B just outside Fort William. All the B&Bs we stayed at during the trip had been lovely, with really nice folks running them. It was wide range of different people and each B&B had it’s own style, but they’ve all been nice places to stay in.

Ben Nevis, the highest Scottish mountain is situated close to Fort William, and even though we had no intention to climb up there, we drove into the valley and went for a hike in the Nevis Gorge. It was a bit cloudy and would have been great walk if it hadn’t been for the mean, tiny, Scottish highland midges. We didn’t expect there to be so many and we hadn’t been prepared for that. Yeah, our own fault. We bought mosquito nets in the shop at the park information centre after we returned, but we never had to use them again on our trip. Anyway, the scenery in Nevis Gorge is amazing and we were rewarded with a view of Steall Falls, one of Scotland’s highest waterfalls.

Later we spent some time watching boats pass through Neptun’s Staircase (7 locks) and then drove up farther north to explore the scenery up there. We passed the Commando Memorial, which has a great view of Ben Nevis (unless the mountain hides behind dark rain clouds *g*). I didn’t take any photos of the memorial this time, I don’t know why. Maybe because I did at the first trip in 2009.
After a stop at Spean Bridge Mill for some food (and probably also some more souvenirs) we headed back to Fort William to once again pack our bags to head out to our next destination in the morning….

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