Scotland in August 2012, Final Day :-(

Day 13: 24 August, Galashiels to Newcastle-upon-Tyne and back home :-( …
On our last day in Scotland we managed to visit two of the great abbeys which were built in the Scottish border region in the Middle Ages: Melrose Abbey and Jedburgh Abbey. Both were quite impressive to look at or to walk among the ruins and get a sense of the how grand these buildings once have been. They still are in fact, at least I was impressed. It’s hard to believe these cathedrals have been built without all the machinery we use to errect buildings today.

It was a very nice last day in Scotland, with yet another nice lunch/teatime in lovely, small café in Jedburgh, before we headed towards Newcastle-upon-Tyne, where we boarded to ferry to go back home after two wonderful weeks in beautiful Alba. [And it only took me almost 10 months to share all my vacation pictures *g*]

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