A Touch of Exorcism…

This morning a woman was determined to free my dentist’s practice from Satan. True story.

I was lying in the chair, waiting for the dentist to have one last approving look on my new crown, when he sat down and apologized if he smelled like frankincense, but a patient next door was convinced that Satan was living in the practice and she wanted to exorcise him. At first I thought he was making a joke, but then he explained it and I also witnessed it, when I left the room a minute later.

Obviously this one patient (elderly woman) was there last week, when a picture on the wall crashed down. To that woman that was a sign of Satan living in this practice. And now she had returned for some exorcism ritual. A nurse entered our room and said exasperately “Now she’s sprinkling Holy Water everywhere”.
When I stepped into the hall there was indeed a heavy smell of frankincense, but the people in the waiting room didn’t seem too bothered yet. Or maybe they didn’t quite recognize the smell. I live in a Lutheran area after all :-) As Catholic I’m used to the smell at least.
Anyway, on my way to the door I passed an older woman (the exorcist presumably) mumbling something while she was heading towards the bathroom where she refilled some bottle (?) from the tap (?) I didn’t have a closer look, so maybe she just refilled it from another bottle and did it above the sink to not spill anything. When I said goodbye to the staff the new young nurse grinned at me and said “Can I tag along?” *g* I think the staff really didn’t quite know what to do with about this woman, because she obviously wasn’t hurting anyone and she didn’t damage anything, she just wanted to fight the Devil, living in this practice.

Seriously, I’ve never experienced something so weird in my life. Not recently at least. And now I’m honestly contemplating if I should have at least crossed myself when I left the practice :-)

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