Bike Ride #05 in 2013

Distance: 32 km
Elevation gain: 210 m (my Garmin didn’t track this ride, so I had to get that off the online map)
Time: 1h48 (+ one 10 minutes rest stop)
Average speed: 17,5 km/h
Max speed: 44,8 km/h (coasting *g*)

The first hill almost killed me and I had to get off and push my bike for a while. I guess next time I’ll try the other available route to climb that hill. But due to the geography around here I have to climb a hill pretty quickly, unless I want to cycle along the main road and in the city. Which I don’t.

The rest was actually pretty easy going. I had thought about doing another loop around another reservoir, but there were already so many people out and about (cyclist, runners, walkers, families on their way to the pool and so on) that it wouldn’t have been much fun.

I didn’t ride all the way back home, but stopped this ride at a train station in the neighbour town and took the train for remaining 12 km to my flat. Not because I wasn’t up to cycle these remaining distance, but because those 12 would have been a inner city route, on streets between tall buildings, not much traffic (Sunday morning) but still not much fun to be on at 28C.

This was the first time I rode with my new click-in shoes and pedals and I loved it. I was a bit scared about not getting out of them quickly enough when I had to stop (at a cross road etc), but it all worked fine. It seemed more difficult to click them back in *g* I think Bro3 has to adjust the left shoe/pedal a tiny bit, but I guess I should do another trial ride before that. Maybe it’s the right side that needs adjusting. Either way they are not set up in the same way and that’s a bit annoying. But besides that… “YAY” for doing it all a bit more professionally. It felt good. And I refrain from a self deprecating comment about how I possibly might look on my bike. I AM on my bike again. Period! And that’s all that matters.

And now I’m having a quick lunch and then I’ll walk over to my Mum’s and spend the rest of the day in the hammock in her garden. Or on the patio. Anywhere with peace and quiet, shade and a summer breeze…

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