My Weekend in Numbers…

556 – words I wrote today for “Fire & Ice” (last year unfinished NaNoWriMo project)
299 – page I’m at in book 1 of “The Complete Calvin & Hobbes”
35 (°C) – temperature outside yesterday (too much!)
24 (°C) – temperature inside my apartment (too hot to do anything except lounging lazily)
14 – Tweets I sent (+ 5 RT)
8 – hours of much needed sleep I got (despite the heat)
3 – episodes I watched over the weekend, the latest from Rookie Blue, Suits and The Newsroom. All of them were ok (better than the previous one) but still not quite up to quality they had been last year. At least I was kind of underwhelmed. With Newsroom most of all, which is really sad.
2 – amazing German actors with outstanding performances in the movie “Freier Fall”, which I saw today. I found a trailer with English subtitles as the movie was/is shown. at various film festivals around the world. If you have the chance to see it, go for it. It’s advertised as “German Answer to Brokeback Mountain”, but I object, because I thought Brokeback Mountain was rather boring *g*, unlike this movie. This one’s intense. And quite sexy sometimes. Just look at the still frame of the trailer clip below ;-)

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