Weekend Recap (in Tweets, mostly)

I think this selection of tweets give a good account of my weekend. Well, the first half of it anyway… Just for the records: Bike Ride #06, Distance aprox 82 km. I’m too lazy now to go look for my bike computer :-)

Today I spent lazily lounging on my couch, recuperating, watching “Case Histories” episodes. The show is situated in Edinburgh, there are a lot of Scottish (and of course English) actors in it and I kept wondering which of these actors might be a good fit for any part in the upcoming Outlander. Crazy, I know, but what can I say, I’m really excited about it.

All this Edinburgh footage on my TV screen made me want to get back there for a few days and make some more good memories of this city. “Case Histories” is a great show but it’s slightly depressing because it shows the dark sides of society and human relationships and all.

I also spent quite a good amount of time this evening gushing about the following tweet


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