Caught the Reading Bug Again (Finally…! *g*)

I’ve spent most of yesterday and today with my nose in a book. Well not literally, because I’m reading via Kindle these days, so I’d better say with my eyes glued to a tiny screen. Or something.
A few weeks ago I saw the German edition of Ben Aaronvitch’s “Rivers of London” on Bro2’s coffee table. As I’m usually always interested in new reading material, even though this year I seem to have read very little, I asked him how he liked it. He wasn’t enthusiastic about it, but he seldom is about novels, even though he’s reading a lot. More than me these days, I guess. Anyway, he liked it allright (he’s a guy and not one of many words either) and that was enough for me to take a closer look at the book. I liked the idea of a training wizard inside the London police in the 21st century. It’s London and it’s police procedurals, two things I almost always like. It sounded like it could be fun to read. And then there was a quote from Diana Gabaldon, praising the novel, which of course helped as well :-)
I bought the E-book shortly after but didn’t get around starting it until this 4-day-weekend. I was still trying to finish another novel (which I have given up on for now) and I just hadn’t been in the mood for reading for a long time now. Which was kind of disturbing all on its own, because there was a time where I used to read a lot. And constantly. These days I get distracted with other stuff too much. Or I let myself be distracted with other stuff, to be precise, because of course it’s a conscious decision to switch on the TV/DVD or the computer/phone etc. instead of picking up a book and start or keep reading.

Anyway, I started reading “Rivers of London” on Friday and kept reading for most of my free time for these last two days. I’m already 1/3 through the 2nd book of the series :-) I only did the most necessary chores before I huddled up on my couch again, feet propped up, Kindle on my lap and followed the adventures of apprentice wizard and police constable Peter Grant, his master/governor Nightingale, his fellow constable and friend Leslie, other colleagues from the police and of course the various magical creatures that inhabit the Great City of London.

I’ve missed this. I’ve missed being totally absorbed in a novel, captured in another (fantastic) world, with people I started to care about quickly and in this case with gruesome supernatural crime mysteries to solve and with a lot of entertaining scenes and dialogues. And I’m so happy that the reading bug seems to be back. Just in time for the autumn/winter season, which is the perfect season to escape to other worlds and forget about the dreary weather, rain and lack of daylight…

Th new Lynley novel also will be out on 15 October I guess that all should get me through October and hopefully the reading bug will stay with me for even longer. It would be a shame to see it go ;-)

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