Lazy Starbucks Treats Sunday…

I had planned to use this mini-vacation at home for finally going to some of the exhibitions / museums in my metro area, which I have wanted to visit for ages and never got around too or was too lazy to or whatever. On top of my list was the Mercator exhibition in Duisburg, because I admit to being a a tiny cartography nerd. So I drove over there today, but unfortunately I was a bit disappointed by this exhibition. I honestly expected it to be a larger one, but I guess that’s my own fault.

Anyway, before I went to the museum I stopped at Starbucks, because a few days ago I  read that the “Winterdream” season had started and I just love that very yummy chocolate cake. And I thought instead of having breakfast and coffee at home I could just as well have a caramel macchiato and a cake at Starbucks.

I had already ordered my latte and my chocolate cake when I saw something else and new to me on the cake shelf: Peanut Butter Caramel Cake.

These days I somehow can’t notice a peanut butter-anything anywhere without having to think of Sam Heughan, who has totally ruined me that way *g* I considered ordering that one as well, but that would have been not just indulgence, but bordering gluttony. So I decided to buy it on my way back and take it home as treat for my afternoon coffee ;-). Not really less gluttonic, I know, but at least a little bit. Plus… today also started “this time of the month” for me (TMI ?) and I’m feeling a bit miserable, so indulgence is warranted, right? Right.

I know this post is less impressive without a photo of the cake and I did in fact take one in order to share it, but I managed to delete it from my phone when I also deleted pictures I didn’t need anymore. I blame the hormones. But trust me on this: the peanut butter cake is delicious. It’s a perfect combination of layers of chocolate cake and peanut buttercream topped with a layer of thick creamy caramel. Just like the Starbucks Caramel Brownie it’s definitely a treat you can easily share, because as yummy as it is, it’s also very filling. And even 50% of the calories are probably more than enough for one afternoon. Unless you need the calories to gain weight or to build up muscle mass… then you can just go for it. More than once :-)

I really, really have to walk it all off tomorrow, I think. Good thing I have the free time to be more active for the next few days instead of just driving to work, spend 8+ hours at a desk and get back home. I have a hard time getting motivated to do anything after work these days, when it’s dark and raining and all that. So I hope this will change for the next few days. I also have a fews things I have to take care of so I’ll probably be busy regardless. A different (and good) kind of busy though…

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