Outlander Chronicles 2013, Day 204

Outlander Chronicles 2013
Day 204 | Audiobook: A Breath of Snow and Ashes (Book 6) | Part Two: A Gathering of Shadows | Chapter 15: Stakit To Droon

I listened to a bit more of ABOSAA while I was driving to the museum this morning. Favourite moment in this part: Jamie trying to stop the two Indian women in his bed, while Ian is trying to keep a straight face. Hilarious and it would be so much fun to see this on screen, so I really hope the TV show will be renewed for more seasons. All seasons if I’d have a say in it :-)

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Reading Outlander (Book 1) Again…
My Outlander rereading is going slowly (I’ve finished chapter 11 this morning) , because I can’t help it: After every important scene I have pause because I try to imagine how it will look on the TV screen, with Sam and Caitriona and Graham in their roles. And I really like what I see (on my imaginary TV screen in my mind at least).
There are so many important and great scenes in this chapter between those three: Dougal raising money for the Stuart cause by exposing Jamie’s mutilated back against Jamie’s will. The confrontation between these two men, which – as we’ve learned from Diana Gabaldon by now – was one of the audition scenes Sam did obviously so mindblowingly awesome. Claire telling Dougal what she thinks of his actions and of course the scenes between Claire and Jamie. So so good.
I think I’ll definitely try to read the next two or three chapters and let my mind run wild with all the images those words evoke. Claire meeting BJR again. Claire and Jamie getting married. Jamie losing his virginity… ;-)

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