Belated Thanksgiving Post…

I stated that there’d be another post today and I better follow up on that, even though I’m writing this much later than I had planned to. Later today and actually even later in general, because it’s one of these “you have to / should write about it” idea for weeks now. Like so many other ideas. I still haven’t quite figured out why I don’t write anymore and why I’m still feeling so flighty. But I think blogging more regularily is something I just have to do and not think about it too much. These thoughts might be stuff for another post. Or not. Anyway, ripping the bandaid off and just starting.

So, I’ve been working at my job for more than a year now. 15 months to be exact. The 12 months mark would have been the more appropriate date for this post, but in the spirit of Thanksgiving this week, I think right now is still a good time to write about. Because I am so grateful for this job and so happy about the chance that presented itself to me last year. And kind of proud of myself that I wasn’t too scared to let the chance pass by, but instead grabbed it. Best career decision ever. Or at least so far ;-)
I still sometimes – more often lately, I’m afraid – feel overwhelmed with the responsibilities and some of the things I have to do and I notice myself slipping back into not the most healthy behaviour of trying to avoide some of the stuff or to pass it back to my sort-of-supervisor / coworker by feigning ignorance or whatever. I really have to stop that and to face every challenge right on and on my own. Well, not really on my own, because this coworker and our boss have my back, at least as far as I have experienced it so far. But still, it’s the same old doubt of myself creeping back in and I don’t like it.
Aside from this personal internal struggle, I’m really, so, so, so happy with this job. I like most of the issues I have to work on or work with, I like the variety of tasks and people I encounter. I like that I feel like I do something meaningful. At least it’s meaningful to me, being Green and wanting to protect our environment and to halt climate change and all that.

Looking back on the previous job I almost can’t understand how I stuck to this old job for so long. It seems so far away and it was so different and I was so not happy there in the end. And then this chance came along :-) One of the many upsides of this job are the people on my team, with whom I get along very well. Of course better with some as with others, but my office mate and the folks in the offices next door (from our team and another team) are really great folks and we get along so well. In the previous job it was just me at our office most of the time without much real life interaction with other people. Working in a completely different work environement now I realize how much the solitude had dragged me down back then.

We have quite a lot on our plates at the moment to finish certain stuff before the end of the year and the last two weeks came with quite a lot of overtime, but that was ok as well. I know it’s only temporary and I’m really so grateful for this job opportunity that I don’t mind it all that much. Except for the fact that it makes me so exhausted that I sleep for 10 hours straight when I got to bed on Fridays *g*

As of now my contract runs out at the end of August 2014, but sort-of-supervisor *g* and our boss and our boss’s boss are determined to keep us on ultimately. The final decision will be made by other people even higher up the chain, but I’m pretty confident that it will work out and that I’ll be doing this job (or a similar job with this employer) for a long, long time. I can’t wait :-)

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