New URL and Title

This blog has changed it’s address. I guess, you could also say it moved, but to be honest, it didn’t really, at least not physically ;-). It’s still hosted at the same folder of my primary webspace. But it’s got a new address and a new title and even a new look. But I changed the design a few days ago already and if you’re reading this in a feedreader you won’t notice it anyway. Unless, you drop by the “real” blog and have a look, of course.

The new address is

and the new feed is

This post will be the last one going out from the (at least I think the old feed won’t be updated, once I changed the blog URL in the wordpress settings. So you might want to change it in your feedreader settings as well.

I will keep the domain, because I plan to still use the email adress, but that’s about it. More in another blog post in a few minutes.

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