London Calling, 2014

One of the things that’s keeping my spirits up these days is my upcoming trip to London. LONDON! Yay! I haven’t been there since 2010, so it’s about time, I think. I just really, really love this city. It’s got so many wonderful to explore, so much history, so much entertainment and just so many possibilities for having a marvelous time.

I’ll be in town from 07 – 13 February and haven’t too many things scheduled (yet), so if anyone wants to meet me for coffee/lunch or anything, feel free to contact me :-)

I’ll be arriving on Friday afternoon and I’m staying not in central London this time, but a bit more outside in East London. Accomodations in zone 2 are just much cheaper and I don’t mind the longer tube ride, because I’ve got the time to spare. I’m on vacation after all. I don’t think I’ll be going back into Central London once I’ve reached my accomodation on Friday evening, but instead just take the bus up to the big mall in Stratford to have some supper and then get some rest from the day of travelling :-) I’m dreading the tube strike on 11 / 12 February though, because getting to central London via bus might take ages on these two days.

Rather spontaneously two of my friends decided to come to London on the same weekend, so we’ll meet up on Saturday morning at Leicester Square to try scoring some good half-price tickets for that evening. And then do whatever we fancy.
On Sunday night I’m going to see the Comedy Store Players and on Tuesday I’ll be doing the Harry Potter Studio tour. That’s the reason I have been and still am watching the Harry Potter movies these past few days. I’m really looking forward to this experience, because from what I’ve heard from people who’ve already been there, it’s very much worth it.
On Wednesday night I’ll be at the O2 to see Frank Turner once again and that was the main reason to come to London in the first place. What can I say, I really like him. But I’m glad that he’ll be back to playing smaller venues in Germany just a few weeks later :-)
I’ll probably spend the whole day in Greenwich already, at the Royal Observatory, Maritime Museum and such, because I had planned to visit anyway. With the tube strike I think it’s the best idea to do that on the day of the concert and just stay in Greenwich the whole day.

I have a few things in mind which I might want to do during this trip: London Museum, British Museum, British Library (I’ve been there before and really liked it), Tate Britian and/or Tate Modern. And of course a lot of just strolling around and some shopping and a lot of yummy food. I’ll plan to visit Masala Zone at least twice, because I’ve really enjoyed the last few times I was in London. I might also see yet another play or movie or… well, the possiblities are endless. That’s what’s so great about London! I really can’t wait…

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