This Simple Kind Of Stuff, No. 1

So in the stillness of the moment make sure you take a polaroid picture
And keep it with you forever,
To remind yourself that everything changes,
But there was this one time, there was this one time, when things were OK.
(Polaroid Picture ~ Frank Turner, 2012)

I’m still in a really weird funk and I seem unable to just snap out of it. I feel overwhelmed so easily (at work mostly) and that seems to kind of paralyze me . And thus I’m stuck in this cycle of wondering what I’m actually doing or should be doing and how to change my way of thinking and acting and if it will ever get better and… I don’t know. I’m afraid, I’m doing a bad job of explaining it. I don’t even know what to call this mood I’m in.

I remembered that I used to have a blog category called “Happy Moments”, where I tried to capture the best moments of each week. But I think this time I’m in the need to capture the tiny, seemingly insignficant, but nonetheless still wonderful moments on a daily basis. To remind myself that even though I feel overwhelmed and a bit helpless a lot these days, some things still are OK.

  • Finding a parking space right in front of the office building this morning
  • Being reminded that I’m friends with someone who is just as crazy as I am ;-)
  • Frank Turner’s cover of “Last Christmas” on my iPod on the way back from work
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