A Few Days in London, February 2014

I promised some folks I’d share some of my London photos (which I do via a slide show at the end of this post). I blame the weather for not taking that may pictures to begin with. I did take tons of photos at the Harry Potter Studio tour, but that’s a post on its own :-). This is a just some sort of short recap of my trip to put the photos in some kind of context.

On Saturday morning I strolled along the Thames before I met my friend in the West End. We decided to escape the looming rain with a visit to the London Transport Museum, which is a quite interesting museum one, but it also was very busy. I guess we weren’t the only ones who needed a indoor space to spend some time :-)

Another friend joined us at a delicious lunch at Masala Zone and after strolling around Covent Garden and the West End for a bit we three decided to head south to check out Modern Tate. It’s an impressive building in it’s own right and the modern art collection is interesting, but I have to admit I’m more of a classic art (paintings etc) type myself. I just didn’t get the art in some of the stuff, but… to each her own, right?
We ended the the day with the “We Will Rock You” musical and although I had already seen it a couple of years ago, I still enjoyed it very much. It’s just such classic rock music, it never gets old.

Sunday started with a trip to the Tower Bridge for me and I walked along the Thames and the City before I visited the Museum of London. In the afternoon I met my friends in Highgate where we did one of the London Walks, with a very charming guide who told a lot of interesting things about the old village, the neighbourhood, and the celebs living there. My friends and I had dinner together and then I went to see the Comedy Store Players and spent the night laughing a lot. Quite a lot.

We did a guided tour of the British Library on Monday morning and it was just my friends and I on this tour, which was quite the treat. It’s another thing I had already done on a previous trip, but you can never make to many tours of libraries as a bibliophile, right?
We had Afternoon Tea at the National Portrait Gallery and afterwards paid our visit to Big Ben and walked along the Thames back towards Covent Garden, where my friends watched Tom Hiddleston on stage that night and I had another lovely meal at Masala Zone.

My friends went back home on Tuesday and I went up to the Harry Potter studios, which I will write about in an extra post. Wednesday I spent the whole day in Greenwich. At the Royal Observatory at first and the National Maritime Museum afterwards, because on that day I really had to flee from heavy rain and icy wind. I’ve visited both museums before, but I still enjoyed them both. It really seems like I was walking down memory lane with this trip to London *g*. The Maritime Museum had an amazing exhibition of Turner painting: “Turner & the sea” where I spent quite some time. I also did 40 minutes free tour of the museum itself with another nice guide. All the guides I met on this trip were really nice, and knew a lot of things and it was fun to listen to them.

I already wrote a long post about the rest of the Wednesday ;-) On Thursday I met another friend for lunch, before I had to head back home to the continent in the afternoon. All in all: Great time, although I guess the next time I try to go to London in the summer. If it rains then it might at least be 15 °C warmer *g*

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