This Simple Kind Of Stuff, No. 5

When do hibernating animals stop hibernating? February/March? Either way I think I might want to take over their cave or whatever they were hiding for these past few months. At least I’m under the impression that my body is getting into hibernating mode. I’m so tired all the time. Well, not ALL the time, obviously, but much more than usual. Work is keeping me busy, that’s probably playing a part as well. Or I must suffer from early onset “spring fever”. While looking up the right term for the German “Frühjahrsmüdigkeit” I found that we obviously coined this behaviour in the first place. But I degress…. Busy or not, there were a few moments worth remembering.

  • Having a lot of nice coworkers around for a quick chat between tasks
  • Being mindful enough to notice and appreciate the sunrises every morning
  • Out of the row access to the free parking at work
  • Yummy Chili Bean Soup (new Jamie Oliver recipe)
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