Up On A Mountain, Under The Sea…

So, get up and get down and get outside
(Reasons Not To Be An Idiot ~ Frank Turner, 2008)

Some time ago a friend and I read about illumination / light art shows in various parks in our metropolitan area. We had planned to visit one of the parks (and hopefully will do so in the next few weeks) but also considered visiting the unique light show at a castle located not that far away. Somehow the trip to the castle was pushed to the back of our minds, to mine at least, with a busy January at work and such. But luckily my friend remembered it in time (the day before the show ended *g*) and so we drove up to the castle on Sunday evening.
It was a bit adventurous, because it was a narrow road through a dark forest and I was already getting nervous about how we would get back down from the mountain. But that all went well after all. The parking lots were a bit crowded (go figure, last day and all) but we found one of the last remaining free spots. At the back of the lot. Uphill. In the mud. And although I was prepared for some time outdoors I wasn’t dressed for a walk on muddy ground. Oh the fun. But to be honest it wasn’t that bad, just… a bit adventurous.

The theme of this light show as “Atlantis” and in parts that title was very adequate. Under the sea etc. But other parts also felt more like a “at the sea / maritime” theme. Which was totally fine by me as well, because I love the ocean and anything maritime / nautical. It was all really quite impressive and wonderful to look at. I don’t have a super hightech camera and didn’t bring a tripod (I only have a small one anyway) so some of the pictures might be a bit blurry. But they show the unique atmosphere quite well nonetheless, I think.

I have no photgraphic proof of my frozen fingers, but trust me they felt very icey at the end. Because it was pretty cold with an icey wind blowing up there on the mountain side and I didn’t put on gloves because I can’t operate my camera with gloves. It was difficult enough to do it in the dark. LOL

We really had a great time that evening. And freezing for a while was totally worth it… And it was a nice respite from a busy work and too much procrastination and too many moody thoughts . I just wish I could bottle up that uplifting feeling from that evening for a bit longer.

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