Giving up Chocolate For Lent…

Via Twitter I learned about “Fat Tuesday”, the day before Lent. Well, it was a “Pancake Tuesday” conversation on Twitter, but Wikipedia referred that back to “Fat Tuesday” and the practice of the last night of eating richer, fatty foods before fasting during Lent. Obviously pancakes are a good way to indulge once more before giving up on indulgences for Lent. I never knew that.
Anyway, I’m not indulging on pancakes, but I freely admit that I’m finishing off my last chocolate supply tonight, before I’ll be giving up chcolate and everything chocolatey for Lent. I managed to that a few times in recent years, but haven’t done it in the last two, I think.

The fact that this makes me slightly nervous shows that I might have a tiny chocolate problem :-) Not really nervous, but… yeah, it’s not going to be easy for the first few days (or maybe all seven weeks *sob*), because I use chocalatey stuff for snacks a lot. Let’s face it: way too much. There is still a unwritten post about my love for the kind of new Lindt’s “Hello, my nam is Salted Caramel” chocolate bars.┬áSo it’s a good thing I’ll try to give it up for Lent. Wish me luck.

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